Angela L. Montanez is a Health Coach and Spiritual Advisor in New York City and founder of Door 24 Agency, a wellness agency. She views health and healing as a 360 holistic model.  She motivates, educates, and supports individuals in cultivating positive health and food choices, and to achieve their health goals through mindset work, lifestyle, and habitadjustments. She recently lost 120 pounds and was featured in People Magazine’s annual “Half Their Size” issue, Good Morning America, ABC News, E! News, Inside Edition, Forks Over Knives Success Stories, and more. 

Angela L. Montanez has spent 25 years on a journey toward spiritual and physical healing. She has managed a chronic autoimmune disease for over two decades and was a former Make-A-Wish recipient. She is a huge proponent of naturopathic and integrative medicine. Angela is a multi-sensory intuitive and she utilizes her healing journey to inspire and influence others to integrate healing foods with an enriching and spiritually healing practice. Angela is a blogger at The Citrus Life where she encourages followers to Live Happily, Eat Naturally, and Connect Spiritually (Live.Eat.Connect).  

You can follow her across social media at @AngelaLMontanez