Angela told me that she wanted to live healthy and that she wasn’t going to let any body stop her. She told me she was going to create a cookbook with motivational speeches in it to keep the dieter focused. When I ate the foods she made and drank those juices, I knew it was real. It made me more aware of what I was putting in my body and want to eat better. I remember at the park how she set a time goal window for herself to get where she wanted to be.

She looks 17, lol. All that tells me is that there is a god, he is good. As long as you have faith in him and believe in yourself, you will become more of a beautiful human being that you could ever imagine...And who wouldnt want that in their lives, especially today.

Like I said, Im very proud to know her and be witness to her transformation. The discipline she has is commendable....Every time I seen or talked to her, she was positive and striving for more. She was hungry....like a wolf.
— MC King

"Gorgeous! You Are Aging Backwards!!!!!" 

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