I LOVE when I am shown some love. Don't we all?

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Jill Prescott, founder of Tangent Path, is the button-pushing instigator that will powerfully guide you back to your heart with compassion and commitment. Expect to Fall in Love with YOU, remembering how truly powerful and capable you are. She believes that we hold within us all the answers we’ve been seeking outside of ourselves. Together, you will shine a light into those dark places that have been keeping you separate from having the life you dream of. She offers one on one packages that will have you experience Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Harmony Integration processes, and Energy work. She taps into her powerful intuition to find the modality that best serves you in each session. Jill also leads group meditation and healing circles and is available to speak to your group on a number of topics such as “The what, why and how of living a heart-based life. And what does that even mean anyway?” and “Discover what the nasty little voice in your head is REALLY trying to say to you. Turn your Inner Critic into your Inner Guide.” 


Dez Stephens is the founder of Radiant Health Institute, a social enterprise and prominent coach training school that certifies individuals as holistic life coaches, wellness coaches and business coaches.  The primary purpose of Radiant Health Institute is to enhance lives through special events, holistic coach training and meaningful publishing.  Dez is a certified life coach, master trainer & marketing strategist who is known for her great insight and compassionate support.


have been studying and practicing natural medicine for over 20 years and I've had the privilege of working alongside some of the best minds in our field. My practice centers around nutrition and European homeopathy with a focus on personalized care. I work with the underlying causes of disease, not just symptom management. I expect that my patients will get (and stay) healthy and I ask that they are an integral part of that process. After all, I decided to pursue naturopathic medicine as a career during a personal health crisis of my own.My practice offers some of the best technology available for evaluating whole-body health and my particular specialties are women's hormone balancing, nutrition and digestive complaints, and tick-borne disease, like Lyme and its common co-infections. But truly, I see many different types of chronic disease.