You Don’t Have 10K Subscribers But You Changed One Life. Is it Worth Something?

Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

Hey Rebel Girl!

There seems to be such a push to “up” your subscribers, followers, and friends. The more people follow you, the more “beneficial” and “worthy” you become in the eyes of brands, publications, and even your peers. Hell, I even got caught up in that fruitless mindset. It can become a game of chasing your tail for engagement, increased subscriber count, and brand perks you can share. We have attached so much of our self-esteem and worthiness to this concept. Maybe you don’t have 10K subscribers or 100K followers but you are changing lives one person at a time, and people are THANKING YOU. People are transforming as you unintentionally lead them through life-changing and inspirational processes. Whether you are just an ear for a vent session or you have acted as a mentor for someone, you are assisting that friend, girlfriend, mentee, or even perfect stranger in a journey of transformation. That should mean more than unengaged followers, right?....I think so. 

Transformation is a result of time, struggle, and intense change, like a diamond. In this world of instant media and hyped up "likes" and "loves," we are rewarding people for highlighting and pulling out lumps of coal versus rewarding them for taking the time to assist them on their journey toward clarity, cut, color, and carat. Patience and transformation go hand-in-hand. In order for anyone to have a transformative moment, they have to come to a space or moment in time where enlightenment ensues and unravels their current frame of mind resulting in a new way of thinking, and a new set of actions. But an individual has to be presented with visual or audio tools or cues along their hard-pressed journey to cling to in order to find and connect their inner struggle and outer inspiration. You ARE that tool whether you realize it or not, and transformation is not an easy process. So if someone confides in you or shares with you that you helped to transform their lives, don’t take it lightly. Sure, you may not have 1M followers on IG or 100K subscribers on Youtube or even 10K subscribers on Facebook. But those are just numbers and the only people truly measuring those numbers base your value and their value on money and short term sales goals. The value of helping to transform an individual’s life is priceless and will take you further and grow you bigger than a short-term sales goal. Instead of followers and subscribers, you will be building communities that teach one another to transform. And that’s worth more than an unengaged number count. 

So keep shining Rebel Girl! Because your time is NOW. And remember, you are not just a number and people are not just sales goals. These are real people with real family and friends looking to escape the frustrating aspects of their lives through social media. Some may not have any friends at all and some indulge for pure entertainment. Be the light. Be the inspiration. Be the change. And then show them how to be the change without obsessing over the numbers. 

Hit me up in my FB Inbox, IG DM, or even on twitter and let me know how your transformation journey is going and who has thanked you for assisting them on their journey. 

All my love and light. Sparkles! 

-Rebel Girl Angela. 

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